This is a small portion of the wood stored in the Shop. Some we cut ourselves and some we buy.

This pile is reclaimed Douglas Fir.

Wood and tools fill just about every corner of the Shop. These sections, cut from the crook of a tree (where a branch grew), will be great for a breast hooks, since the wood grain will follow the form and stress. The longer they season the more dimensionally stable they will be.

These crooks are from locally cut Black Locust.


Milling logs

We are recovering wood from felled Pepperwood trees near the city of Cazadero, which is about 50 miles North of San Francisco and 6 miles from the coast.

Planks are cut from the tree with a special chain saw rig that is pulled along the log with two ropes (here by Holden in the upper right of the photo).

On the left we see the result of our labor, a beautiful plank of pepperwood.

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