Planes and chisels

After a plank is cut to its approximate thickness with a band saw this thickness plane reduces it to the final value and leaves the wood with a smooth surface.

On the left are two adzes. An adz could be considered an ax with the blade turned sideway, but it's used more like a chisel, to shape wood by cutting along with the grain. In the age of big wooden ships, and big wooden timbers, the adz was a common tool. It still comes in handy from time-to-time.

Below, along the top and the left side, is a collection of wooden planes (wooden because they are made of wood). One of the big advantages of a wooden plane is that the sole, and thus the shape produced by using the plane, can be made to any shape desired (many of these panes are hand made). The surface obtained by skillful use of a sharp plane is difficult to produce by any other method.

Chisels are needed to construct joints and bevel ends, etc. A few chisels that belong to one of the partners is seen on the right.

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