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The Arques School of traditional boatbuilding is just behind our shop and is where we learned to make wooden boats. Their web site has photos of several beautiful boats built at the school and a sequence of a lead keel being poured.


The area around the North Bay Boat Works is called the Marinships District because it was a major ship building facility during WWII. Sixty years later it is still the focus of marine activity in Sausalito.

Cover of book: Sausalito Wooden Boat Tour

Butterflute Studios , aka Victoria Colella, gives tours, on foot or by water, of the Sausalito Waterfront, with an emphasis on floating homes, wooden boats, boatshops, and the history of the Marinship District during WWII. Her book, "Sausalito Wooden Boat Tour", (you see the cover here) is on sale at Mollie Stone's. This site also home for Valhalla Signworks, boat lettering etc.

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The Bay Model Visitor Center, about 300 yards south of NBBW, is an indoor "working hydraulic model of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta System" the size of a large basketball stadium. It is operated by the US Army Corp of Engineering because it was originally built to be a research tool for Bay Area planning. The Center is frequently visited by school groups and adults from around the world. It is a also a focus for education about the history of the Marinship District and the ecology of San Francisco Bay.

The Open Water Rowing Center, just south of McGrath Pacific offers membership, boat rentals, and instruction. Most of the shells are made from glass or carbon fiber, but a few of its members have beautiful wooden boats. The OWRC is open in the mornings until 1-2 pm.

The Marine Mammal Center is on the Pacific Coast, just 2 miles West of Sausalito. In addition to their main function, protecting marine mammals, they conduct educational programs. These programs are often collaborations with the Bay Model Center and use the research ship R/V White Holly .

The R/V White Holly (left) and a beautiful barkentine, the Kaisei (right), are often mored at the "Government Dock" in front of the Bay Model.

barkentine Kaisei

McGrath Pacific Yacht Sales has its office on the pier just south of the Government Dock (in front of the San Francisco Bay Model). They host a "Bay Fest" boat show in the Spring, (which this year 2006, is on the weekend of April 29th - 30th). This is also the Opening Day weekend for Bay Yachting. NBBW will have a booth there, so come by and say hello.

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The San Francisco Bay Area

The Japan Woodworker in Alameda (just across the Bay from us) stocks a wide sellection of woodworking, culinary, and gardening tools, of course specializing in those made in Japan. Many of the tools we use have (or could have) been purchased here.

Science Is Art contains essays on marine biology (and chemistry, physics, ...), which may interest the same people that like wooden boats. It is shamelessly posted here because it was created by your webmaster.

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