Lyle Hess, boat designer

Lyle Hess was born in Blackfoot, Idaho in 1912, but fortunately for a generation of sailors his family moved to Southern California where he fell in love with the sea and boats. He apprenticed to several shipwrights and then with Roy Barteaux founded L.A. Yacht Yard in the 1940s. Hess is famous for many small cutters and other practical designs for the common man. Hess died at the age of 90 in 2002. [you can Google Lyle Hess and get many good articles; the above information was from and article in Ocean Navigator]

Lin and Larry Pardey have sailed together more than 100,000 miles and written ten books about crusing in modest sized boats (one of the more well known books is The Self-Sufficient Sailor, published in 1982 by W. W. Norton & Company). Their second book was Cruising in Seraffyn, a 28 foot LWL Lyle Hess designed cutter. Their next three books described cruising the Seraffyn around Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Orient. Needless to say these books made Lyle Hess a well known designer. The Pardeys are an industry in themselves, and are still very active: more info at

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