Repair of the cutter Kathleen

Kathleen is a 24 foot Lyle Hess cutter owned by Leila Scott of Marshall, CA.

In 2006 North Bay Boat Works replaced the transom, transom frame, and hood-end scarfed many of the planks.

We then made and installed a new stern post and a rudder. Cap rail pieces also had to be replaced. Leila drew the name and horse with a Sharpie, and Jay carved the name (but begged off on the horse). Yes, Leila rides horses.

It's beginning to look good now and everyone is happy.

Above, Jody is putting the new rudder together.

Leila just finished varnishing the mast and splicing all new standing rigging for the boat. She stepped the mast in August '06 and went sailing on Tomales bay later that month.

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