Swampscott dory Jan

Jan is a 16-foot Swampscott dory built in Essex, Massachusetts eighty years ago.  She was planked with white pine on sawn oak frames by a shipwright named J.C. Abbott.  Jan was acquired from a Cross Island (Essex, MA) boat shed by Jack Elliot of Marshall, California and has just been rebuilt at NBBW to last another eighty years.

The dory was originally fastened with iron nails.  Time, hard use and the numerous iron fastenings at the joining of the bottom and garboards made it necessary to replace the entire bottom. 

Above, Jody Boyle looks into Jan after the bottom and garboards have been taken off. The original stem and transom were then removed.

The new stem and bent frames were made from black locust.  The transom and floors were made from pepperwood.  Garboards were made of cedar and the bottom and false bottom constructed from Douglas fir.  Copper rivets were used to refasten the entire dory.

(top and left photo courtesy of SF Chronicle)

On the left the owner, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, caulks a seam on the bottom of his boat, named after his late wife.

Jan received a new paint/varnish job inside and out and was relaunched in January of 2007.  She will soon receive a sailing rig and live on Tomales Bay, CA.  The rebuild was done by Jody Boyle.

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