Repairing the Schooner Highlander Sea

On the right, we have a real ship: the 154 foot gaff rigged topsail schooner Highlander Sea. It's owned by Acheson Ventures, located in Port Huron, MI. In this photo it's in a floating dry dock for extensive repairs.

In the view toward the bow you see the extent of the work that needs to be done. J. Boyle and J.Virok drove out to Michigan in the summer of 2005 to sub-contract for Andros Kipagorass on the Highlander Sea repair crew. With other shipwrights, NBBW replanked and caulked the schooner.

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On the right Jay is tapping in cotton. The seams are filled with one layer of cotton and two of oakum.

Now two layers of oakum are driven in, as you see with with considerable force. One member of the team swings the mallet while the other (Jody) holds the chaulking iron. At each frame station the 3 inch thick planks have been fastened with one spike and two trunnels.