Duplication of a Duck Boat

Our Client from Bozeman, MT, wanted to replace his two duck hunting boats, built twenty years ago by Aeolus Boatworks, Davenport.

We duplicated the design of the existing boats, with the exception of an increase of bottom width by 6”, a cambered foredeck instead of a faceted one, and a fixed installed gas tank in the bow.

These flat bottom boats measure 17’ overall with 4’ of beam, and a 2” rocker in the bottom. The construction material is okume plywood and fiberglass. The finish is special flat duck boat paint.

The boats will be powered by 20 horsepower four-stroke outboard motors.

As the boats have just been picked up, they will be used right on opening day of duck hunting season in the Sacramento delta.

Duck boats need to move into shallow water, and thus they have wide, flat bottoms. Above and to the left we can see just how flat the bottoms are.