Ten-foot Lawton tender Tevere

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Ten-foot Lawton tender under construction
Lawton tender further along in construction

Planking is from Alaskan yellow cedar, while transom and sheerstrakes are Honduras mahogany. The entire stem assembly has been cut from one piece of grown black locust. Framing is to be from white oak and all fastenings are copper. This boat will be finished with bright varnish inside and out.

Now we are a little farther along, with several of the planks in place.

The backbone and molds for a Lawton tender were set up in the front shop in February 2006. This is a well-known, proven design for a suitable mid-sized tender or personal rowing craft. The Lawton tender is a lightly-built boat for ease of handling and towing, and is designed to behave properly in the wake of your larger vessel.

Saturday, April 8, 2006: Launching the Tevere

As you can see there were many well-wishers at Schoonmaker Beach in Sausalito when the boat was launched.

This is about as good as it gets. Note that the painter line is attached in the middle of the stem so the boat ride high when it is pulled.

The seats are caned for comfort when you row. Of course the oars are custom made. If you are being rowed you want to lean against a real back, not the transom; so there is a real back rest.

As we see below the stem is capped with brass for durability. The breasthook is a natural knee cut from a local tree.

It was made to row, so Jody makes sure it does indeed row (one of the most enjoyable stages of boat building).

Jay needs to test it also, but his dog wishes he had been invited.

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