Prima Vera: A Dinghy as a Bed,

then a Bed as a Dinghy

Jason has started work (April, 2006) on a commissioned boat, the Prima Vera, which will initially be the bed for the owner's son, Luca. When Luca is five years old it will be his sail boat. It is built of black locust, coastal fir, pepper-wood, white oak, and acacia. As you can see it has natural knees at bow and stern. The fasteners are copper rivets and silicon bronze wood screws.

The boat is now upright and the planking is far along. This view of the bow from the inside shows the clinker strakes fastened by rivets. The step for the mast (short plank with a square hole) also has a cleat attached.

Below you see the view toward the transom.

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The caulking cotton is applied to the seams in the bottom.