Herreshoff dinghy

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This eleven and a half foot traditionally built dinghy with pedigree is also known as the Columbia Lifeboat. Originally designed by Herreshoff as a yacht tender, we modified the design slightly by increasing the beam in order to make it stand up better to the conditions of Richardson Bay. This light and fast dinghy is a wonderful and affordable day-sailor for the bay area. With its traditional leg-o-mutton rig it will not only be a unique sight among the ubiquitous marconi-sloops, but also perform very well and balanced. The boat derives its lateral resistance from a dagger board for going to windward.

Eleven foot Herreshoff dinghy

At this point the planking stage is completed. The hull is clinker built in Alaskan yellow cedar, copper riveted, and will be framed with white bending oak.

Close to being finished, it was displayed at the Bay Fest at the end of April, 2006.

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Anton's daughter, Else, seems to like the boat and the family heads out into Richardson's Bay for a spin.

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