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Claire, a twelve foot lapstrake, rowing and sailing boat

Claire is a twelve foot lapstrake, rowing and sailing boat. Little is known of the origins of this design, though it is believed that she was designed in England for use as a tender or small fishing boat. The lines of Claire where taken by the Argues School from a still working boat in Richardson Bay. Claire was then lofted and built at NBBW with some small modifications to her lines, with the intention to make her a better sailing boat.

Claire is a stoutly built boat, with 3/8 in thick coastal fir planking and white oak frames. Her stem is black locust and transom is cherry. Claire as a sailing boat will come with a spirit sail rig and lee-boards, though center/dagger-boards and other rigs are always an option. Also to be included with the boat will be a pair of hand made oars of either fir or spruce, and leathered with stops.

Another view of <em>Claire</em>

Claire is wonderfully designed for Richardson Bay’s heavier conditions, with ample buoyancy, and plenty of flare forward for swells or chop. She will comfortably take 3 adults with gear, sailing or rowing.

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Now you can see how Clair looks when finished and painted. If you can stand in the boat it must be stable.