Skiff Skye

Skye is a 9-foot lapstrake skiff designed by North Bay Boatworks. This skiff is going to be oar powered and have a 2.5 horsepower outboard. She was designed with ample buoyancy forward, to carry people and gear. Skye was built for Victoria Virok, Jay’s wife, as a Christmas present.

The name is carved in the transom.

Woods used on Skye are Douglas fir for the planking and inner bottom planking, also for frames, transom, and floors. Pepperwood is used for the sheer strakes and stem. White oak for the hog, and breasthook. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is used for the second layer tongue and groove athwart ships planking. All planks are fastened with #10 copper rivets and bedded in Dolphinite. The finish will be paint and oils. Skye will live here in Richardson bay.

As you can see below, Skye is close to finished (March 2007).

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