North Bay Boat Works is dedicated to the use of traditional methods and materials. All of our boats are constructed in the time honored way of plank on frame, both lapstrake and carvel styles. We believe that it is important to hand pick the highest quality timbers. For that reason we prefer to work with local sawmills and harvest our own hardwoods, mostly from windfallen trees here in Northern California.

NBBW is dedicated to providing affordable new wooden boats and working with our customers ideas and budgets to make possible construction of either motor, sail, or oar powered boats. We will build to existing designs or custom design a boat for you based on your uses and budget.

We are equipped to handle all stages of building from design to lofting, harvesting of timber to construction, to out fitting your boat for cruising. Stop by and visit our shop and talk about your dreams of owning your own brand new wooden boat, or send e-mail to to start the conversation.

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